Autumn xx


This picture sums up my love of autumn…….. The best is hearing the leaves crunch…. This make me happy 🙂

Please feel free to tell me what you love about autumn, I may have missed it!!



To love is to live in the now….to live in the now is to to be free from fear….to be free from fear is to live xx

To a new chapter!

Ok so A Positive Spin……..well it’s basically my journey through this life and what I learn along the way.

So throughout this blog I will gladly be sharing with you tips, techniques and anything else I find in a positive light with you, and please feel free to share back with me!!

From hypnotherapy, meditation, affirmation, healing crystals, reiki to the intrigues of our universe and cosmos……..Here I will ponder, wonder and delve into positivity in all areas.

Be happy x